Top Best Monitor For Color Grading In 2023 – (4k | Budget)

If you are a professional photo editor or videographer who has to deal with precise color contrast, accuracy, sharpness, and brightness and much more, the demand for the best monitor for color grading becomes denser. 

No doubt, enhancing the photo to the professional level means your monitor should be efficient enough to deal with hues and let out the topline results in every frame. But how would you pick the most suitable and latest option among the rest, especially when everyone is praising the display?

Well, this page is letting you check out the in-depth reviews about color grading efficient displays that are captivating in many respects. Let’s find out how.

Our List of Best Color Grading Monitors In 2023

1. BenQ SW271 – Best 4k Monitor for Color Grading

BenQ SW271
Image Credit: Amazon

BenQ being our first pick comes with the unique design and the efficient performance for color grading. This monitor has been designed with a 27inches display that is 4K in its visuals quality. The UHD resolution is amazing when it comes to finding the accuracy and lucid detail on screen. You can also stream, and watch HD content without compromising on the clarity.

Additionally, its HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatibility is there that makes sure the far located objects and sharpness in brightness are even more accurate. It brings in the remarkable detailing that is certainly appreciable. Its shading hood is another user-friendly feature that helps you work in an even more privileged environment and keep you focused throughout.  The hood keeps off the light glare when you are working beside the window. However the hood is detachable and you can enjoy the free monitor performance whenever you want.

As for the coloration, your AQcolor technology offers you the 99% Adobe RGB coverage which means natural and précis hues that work better for color grading. This monitor is an efficient gear which also supports the card reader formats SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC! On the HDMI front, you have the USB type-C that is superfast in terms of data sharing and much more

This Calman Verified and Pantone Validated monitor has been designed with its standout factory calibration report which tells you about the insight of coloration. Furthermore, for color grading you have the refined color settings and palette Master Element as well.

There are many more hidden features that you can only find out by experiencing its performance. However the hot keys for swift usage let you find your desired hue modes and features with preset shortcuts. Read BenQ SW271 detailed review here.


  • Multiple colors setting
  • GamutDuo for viewing same image differently
  • Comes with preset hotkeys
  • Detachable hood keeps off light glare
  • Advance black and white mode


  • Somewhat backlight bleeds
  • The port may underperform

2. BenQ PD3200U – Best Benq Monitor For Color grading

BenQ PD3200U
Image Credit: Amazon

This is a big and wide display screen with 32 inches which means you have a wider display to work and pick information from.  With its unbeatable 4K UHD and 3840 x 2160p resolution you pick real and natural graphics while editing and enhancing the photos.

This remarkable performance becomes satisfying with the exclusive AQcolor technology that blankets a wider color gamut including Adobe RGB, sRGB, Rec. 709. The display brightness and the color accuracy is precise. Also you have the dual view option which means you can view the files side-by side without compromising on the workflow. Unlike many monitors, BenQ is offering ergonomic settings and features that let you customize the viewing angle even more. The tilt, twist, rotation and setting are super smooth.

It’s an ideal color grading monitor that has been featured with Keyboard video mouse (KVM) feature. It gives you the freedom to display files, photos or videos from diverse computers while being on a single screen. It is better suited for professional users. Since working on the monitor isn’t an easy task for the eyesight, this monitor has the Eye care technology inbuilt that is what keeps off the strain, fatigue and the Low Blue Light technology further enhances comfort.

It is a Calman Verified and Pantone Validated gear which gives you the authenticity about its performance and durability. With a zero flicker screen and eye care technology like auto brightness adjustment you have it for all the right reasons. If you are a professional color grading expert, this monitor has multiple modes for your help such as darkroom mode, animation mode, CAD/CAM mode which take things to a higher level. Needless to say it has height, tilt, swivel, and pivot, and swivel adjustment as well. It’s a smart monitor that never lets down its users. Read BenQ PD3200U detailed review here.


  • Keyboard and mouse control
  • 100% sRGB color gamut
  • Dual view and hotkeys for easy navigation
  • Simplify your workflow with Display Pilot
  • Offers you multiple photo enhancing modes


  • Quality control is horrible
  • Random black rectangle may appear

3. ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV

 ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV
Image Credit: Amazon

This is a standard LCD monitor best for viewing angle and its HD quality display. Its 27 inches screen and the WQHD and the 2560 x 1440p resolution would be impressive for color grading and more. The frameless design is another point that enhances its valuable presence on desks.

Asus is a preferable monitor which is offering you the100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 wide color gamut that welcome photo and CAD enhancers readily. For swift and unbreakable performance you further get the Calman Verified with factory calibration that is what is recommended for better usability.

Furthermore you have the ProArt Preset and ProArt Palette that let you pick from multiple colors, which becomes the absolute bliss for on-going color grading tasks. For the HDMI ports and peripherals, you get the Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, HDMI, dual-link DVI-D, audio in and earphone jack, plus four USB 3.0 ports which is all about saving time and hassle-free work.

With its ergonomic tilt and height adjustment you can totally lean on Asus performance no matter where you are sitting. The comfort viewing is what you will appreciate for long hours working, plus its a VESA mounting monitor.

This monitor would be your ultimate companion when it comes to color grading thanks to its high color fidelity ∆E < 2 and the Asus ProArt Palette that give you the features like color hue, temperature and gamma adjustments with quick access. You can get the access through on-screen menus. No matter if you are color grading, photo editing or enhancing photos, the flexible color gamut would deliver you the best settings. Read Asus PA278Qv detailed review here.


  • Quick color gamut adjustment
  • True and bright color
  • Wider color gamut setting
  • Overlay a grid with QuickFit Virtual Scale
  • Multiple HDMI ports
  • Tilt, pivot, swivel and rotation adjustment


  • Sometimes flickering issues may take place
  • Its menu controls needs improvement

4. ViewSonic (VX3276-MHD) – Best Budget Monitor for Color Grading

ViewSonic (VX3276-MHD)
Image Credit: Amazon

Seeking for perfection, ViewSonic justifies versatile performance and ideal solution for color grading process. Its 32 inches wider and large display looks elegant plus the Full HD 1920x1080p resolution looks real to the sight. For even more perfection the IPS panel, and the slim thin build of bezel add value, instantly.

This monitor is suitable for home office and professional places due to its high-end performance and feature-rich design. The flicker-free screen and eye care technology like blue light filter make sure the best and comfortable screen time, even if it’s all day long.

The innovative and remarkable screen split approach lets you get more work done without external screen dependence. The ViewSplit software is responsible for multiple windows viewing simultaneously. For HDMI connectivity you’ve its flexible performance that supports laptops, PCs, and Macs with HDMI laptops, PCs, and Macs with HDMI and its built-in speaker are there. This is an under $300 budget monitor and its standard 60Hz refresh rate and 8ms response time would be a reasonable choice if you want to stream and watch content on this screen.

It’s also available in 22 inches, 24 inches and 27 inches and hence you can pick what goes well best on your desk. However the VESA mounting compatibility is what further brings in hassle-free design and natural views for color grading. Its narrow design and standout modes comes with dedicated performance for ‘Game,’ ‘Movie,’ ‘Web,’ ‘Text,’ and ‘Mono’. You can select your desired mode that makes the working efficiency pretty much accurate.


  •  Multiple eye care technology
  • Built-in speaker for saving space
  • Ultra-slim design and narrow bezel
  • Dedicated modes for working and watching movies


  • Backlit bleeds
  • Not good for gaming

5. LG 34WN80C-B – Ultrawide Monitor for Color Grading

LG 34WN80C-B
Image Credit: Amazon

This is one of the standout LCD monitors in this list which is dedicated for full0on professional color grading. Its larger and ultra wide display measures as 34 inches which is perfect when you want to pick more screen information. The aspect ratio of this LCD is 21:9 and its stylish curved build adds to the valuable design.

The IPS screen and the display technology not only amplify the better view but also it delivers the optimal coloration from every angle. The resolution has been kept as WQHD 3440 x 1440p which makes every image, frame and multimedia content true to life. LG 34WN80C-B is already a fastest and super-performing gear but with the availability of USB type-C connectivity things have become next level.

Furthermore, the HDR 10 compatibility and the supportive design for sRGB 99% color gamut is what you will find helpful for most tasks. With HDR compatibility you get to pick the darker and brighter areas of the image followed by more precise details.

Talking about its user-friendly approach you have the onscreen smooth control that makes everything on tips, the brightness level has 300cd (typ); 240cd (Min)which is enough for viewing things in every possible manner without compromising the quality. The split screen feature is awesome when you are multitasking and do not want to change the screen. Overall this monitor is high-end and delivers only quality in each of its features.


  • Screen Split 2. 0
  • Multiple on screen modes
  • Ultra visuals with crystal-clear image formation
  • Pick up precise details with vivid colors
  • HDR Compatible
  • Borderless design and ergonomic adjustments


  • Text is somewhat blurry
  • HDMI port is not good

6. SAMSUNG UE57 Series (SAMSUNG UE57 Series)

SAMSUNG UE57 Series (SAMSUNG UE57 Series)
Image Credit: Amazon

Samsung is one of the top-line names for making its stunning visuals perform as professionals. This LCD monitor is reliable and hence you have the wider gamut to get the most out of its color accuracy. Its 27 inches 4K UHD display and the resolution of 3840 x 2160p would deliver the elegance you are looking for.  Also the split screen feature and the flicker free eye saver feature readily keep out of sight from fatigue and annoying glare.  The low blue light feature means you have the option to stare at the screen for hours with no strain. Also the split screen option in this monitor is amazing for seamless color grading. Its picture-by-picture feature is surely amazing.

With 1ms response time and the ample connectivity to multiple devices such as laptop, PC, desktop computer, mac and MacBook pro, Compatible with Xbox and PS4 mean you can also play games, stream and do whatever you want. This is a premium monitor for which every feature comes as a user’s friendly option.  

To compete with contemporary standards, you have the AMD FreeSync that readily syncs refresh rate with the frame rate of playing content. This ensures the minimal input latency and hence there is no image tearing or visuals artifact. With 1ms response time you have a reason to trust this monitor for color grading as well as video editing. It has 2 x HDMI ports, DisplayPort, a durable enough T-shaped stand.


  • Seamless connectivity for UHD-compatible devices
  • Durable T-shape stand for innovation
  • 64 times more colors
  • Eye save mode
  • Picture-in-Picture 2.0 technology


  •  Dual monitor setup may be faulty
  • The corner bleeds a lot of light

7. LG 27UN850-W – Best Color Grading Monitor for Davinci Resolve

LG 27UN850-W – Best Color Grading Monitor for Davinci Resolve
Image Credit: Amazon

LG 27UN850-W Ultrafine Is a clear and decently built device that comes with remarkable features for color grading. It’s an Ultra-HD display with the screen resolution of 3840 x 2160p resolution that lets out the finest details for your sight. Moreover the IPS technology is there for better viewing angle, and sharper colors. The VESA compatible design is an option if you like to clear your desk and get hassle-free usability.

Its 400 nits for brightness and luminance is amazing for clear color grading. Also LG has 99% coverage of the sRGB Spectrum. Furthermore you have the stunning USB-Type-C connectivity for efficient data transfer within seconds with no cord mess.

Talking about its dedicated work feature you have the Radeon FreeSync for eliminating shuttering and more however it’s only available when you connect HDMI or DisplayPort. Also its Dynamic Action Sync works fine to reduce input lag that goes well for gamers.

It comes with better onscreen control such as screen split which is premium to see more information on a single display. Also it has an on screen monitor setting that gives you quick and easy access for important settings.  This is not it, you have game mode setting and application preset for bringing things on tips!

Black Stabilizer is an anticipated feature that works on visibility factors in darker areas. It naturally boosts the darker areas making sure you pick more screen info in your player. With that, the Radeon FreeSync and Dynamic Action Sync technology work to zero screen shuttering and visuals artifact, whenever you work on media such as video.


  • Black stabilizer for viewing darker areas
  • Radeon FreeSync for reduce screen shuttering and image visuals artifact
  • No input lag with Dynamic Action Sync
  • Better on screen monitor control
  • Stunning visuals bright and sharper image formation
  • Game mode for better playing


  • USB type-c is faulty
  • The stand built is flimsy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 4K monitor essential for color grading?

If you want to get the most out of your color grading experience, 4K content is essential to have. With utmost clarity you pick to improve colors, brightness and the visuals hence become reliable to be editing as a pro.

What should I look for in monitor color grading?

Color grading is a professional experience that demands to be specific for obvious reasons. For an ideal monitor that is best for color grading tasks, you need to pay heed to its screen resolution, IPS display and of course the features and modes that bring in efficiency. Features like split screen HDR 10 support and color support will help you throughout the accurate color grading.

What is a Color grading monitor?

A color grading monitor is mainly responsible to enhance and make the coloration of the image ideal. It enhances the color of a motion picture and video image. For videographers and photo editors, the best color grading monitors to get to the visuals mode or tone which is desired. Previously, color grading was also known as color timing as well.

Is 60 Hz good for a color grading monitor?

For color grading, the adjustment of colors, visuals setting and accurate resolution matters that can differentiate that hues. The 60Hz refresh rate is reasonable for smoother playback of media and moreover the IPS screen is a must feature to look for.

Final Verdict

With the sought-after choices and the hours of research these were the monitors that we included in the list.  We hope you will find your preferred display from this list. Mainly you have the top choices that you can use for both home, office, and also for gaming. The visual quality comes uncompromised; however you need to be careful enough for the budget bracket and any display screen size.